RSS reader UTF8 Vers. 201 released.

Released the new version of RSS UTF8 reader solving the problems with new llSetObjectDescription. Refer to this link for seeing more and to buy on slexchange.

People who did buy the previous version which is not more working, please contact me for having the new version.

NB: New version is more powerful since allows for the control over the
PHP script,
MEMORY required

and uses only asynch better optimized messages.

Since SL is not working correctly I couldn’t test it adequately, nor publish it on slexchange and onrez platform. I just got a glimpse that some stack-heap conflicts are there to be solved, so still need a bit of time. I’m also working on the web browser to take advantage of the 1.19.1 new parcelmedia command. Will also work on the notecard reader to have them properly working.

Contact me for any information.


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