Latest accomplishments

I produced in latest months the following interesting accomplishments as scripting gadgets in SL:

Quite interesting for preparing presentations and art exhibitions. Allow you to add titles, descriptions and even give inventory on particular slides.

Selling for 400L$ since it is quite professional.

2. RSS Reader.

To be able to show inworld your blog. Although some people reported that some feeds give problems overall it is quite smart and working device.

Also sold for 400L$ because of the huge work I propelled in it πŸ™‚

3. SLX JukeBox Play your mp3 or radios.

Interesting juke box for playing your mp3 or setting up your favourite radios.

Quite a lot of work, but selling it at 160L$ since people think it is very easy to change their parcel url music πŸ™‚

4. SLX Conversation Rug

An automated way for organizing meetings with a modifiable number of participants. We tested it up to 45 people and it works!!!

Sold at 100 L$ since it is quite useful, and people might like it cheap and functional

I also did many other interesting things. I will post on them soon.


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