Very busy inworld

I made a lot of interesting things inworld, and started to sell on slexchange.
You can see them at

I also managed to buy a LOT of tools and had some upgrades for something.

Just here a listing of things I bought:

– *****Skidz Primz (waiting for new version, enlisted in beta test), (1500 L$)
– *****Prim.Docker (new version 4.0 released) (600 L$)
– *Texture Aligner (1100L$)
– ***Virtual Builder Studio (2500ç$)
– ****Prim Replicator (1500 L$)
– (didn’t check yet) Jextone Easy texture (1600 L$)
– *** Free Temp Rezzer
– * Builder’s Tab (free)
– **** Landscaper Friend (cheap)
– ** Builder’s Eye
– ** LH Texture Display HUD

I also investigated on the following interesting free tools:

– ** SLBrowser
– * SecondView
– * second pages
– * ShopOnRez


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