Office in a box v1.0

I’ve finished a version 1.0 of my office in a box. As I declared in a previous post.

To build it up it is very simple, just put the box on the floor providing the red surface is where you want to have the center of the table in the direction of the whiteboard, and just click it, and specify on the dialog “build”:

You will see the box opening up with the office, and finally the office layered out ๐Ÿ™‚

Mainly you see a table, 6 chairs, 1 whiteboard, a notecard giver, 6 notebook and two screens for powerpoint like displaying. Everything is made in such a form that it doesnt’consume much prims and is usable. See next posts for details on various objects.

If you need them, you can contact me in SL (salahzar stenvaag).

here is the content of the notecard giver:

This is a very simple small office package made of the

OF10 1 table (2 prims)
OF11 6 chairs + positions (to make it easy to sit down) (12 prims)
OF12 1 whiteboard V050 able to display notecards with paging (31 prims), able to be interactively changed by people present
OF13 1 notecard giver for having people knowing what’s going on
OF14 1 powerpoint 64 slide reader, to avoid consuming L$ put 64 slides in one texture and the reader will loop over them (u just spend 10L$ for one transfer)
OF15 1 powerpoint 16 slide reader (for higher quality slides)
OF16 6 notebooks for each participant where they can put their ideas or just asking for the floor

In total we are talking of 54 prims which is quite low impact, and stays
comfortably on a 512 land.

OF10 1 table. Table is not large so to allow for camera viewing from people sit on the wall. Only 2 prims. Surface is light color to be able to see notebooks.
OF11 6 chairs with sit balls. This makes easy for people to sit down and avoids losing a lot of time for teaching them how to do so ๐Ÿ˜‰
OF12 whiteboard V050, uses the same “notecard”/say approach of the notebooks, see after. Here there will be something that everybody must see very clearly. Accepts notecards, just drop them. Click on the board to choose which noteboard (warning notecard must have short names!). Evry body can comment using /line comment
OF13 notecard giver is fundamental for having people Agenda or other pieces of information. You can copy it to have multiple pieces of information.
OF14 To save money, have all your powerpoint presentation put in a 8×8 frame (512×512 points).
OF15 64 images in 512×512 gives bad quality, so I provided also a 4×4 version to have much quality ready handout.
OF16 notebooks works in a similar way as the whiteboard. Thanks peace furst for pointing me this solutions instead of a whiteboard. However a whiteboard made in this way is quite inconvenient, and has the big limitation of 256 chars, which are also difficult to align properly. I’d propose this mixed approach so that everybody can present themselves and possibly ask for the floor or presenting data.


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