Starting a blog for 2nd life experience

Just wanted to share something after 2 months of 2nd life.

What is good in 2ndlife:

– express yourself
– build things
– script
– relationships

What is “bad”:

– $$$ and L$ is currently too stressed
– too much commerce…

Anyway my official goal for being in 2nd life are:
– experimenting
– having fun (something I forgot during latest 20 years!)
– providing tools for no profit organizations to have decision meetings

So we can tell that projects can be as follow:
Meeting Tools: Meeting Room in a box, that can be rezzed even in a sandbox using just a bunch of prims.

1\ a platform 32×32 rezzed at 100 meters 1 prim
2\ a table (2 prims) + 6 chairs with 6 position balls (total 14 prims)
3\ notebook for each person using paged llSetText able to share contribute notes 6 prim
4\ One viewer for a 8×8 textures (power point) ==> saving L$ for upload (3 prim)
5\ 2 boards for rapid writing (62 prim)
6\ some trees around (10 prims?)
Total would be around 96 prims.


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